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This uniquely beautiful region has something for everyoneā€”from the  breathtaking Brookside Gardens to the historic adventures of Fort  McHenry. There is a memorable experience for each visitor.

Alex Jordan had a dream - to design and build a house on a rock that would last for centuries. Determined to turn his dream into reality, Jordan focused his energy, and eventually, his dream house stood upon a chimney of rock. Because of its location, the House on the Rock got its name.

The original house linked each of the 13 rooms with common colors. Through the years the attraction has expanded beyond just the house. The grounds now contain a beautiful golf resort, breathtaking greenery, and rolling hills. A luxurious spa was added to the resort, offering therapies such as aromatherapy and herbology - making it easy to relax and rejuvenate.

Don't miss your opportunity to discover this unique structure, and the modern activities surrounding it.