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Fried Green Tomatoes 

Fried Green Tomatoes gets its name from the popular southern dish. Located in an old building that used to be a leather factory, the highly decorated rooms draw visitors in.

Fried Green Tomatoes has won countless awards for its spectacular dining. Included in the Galena Guide, Fried Green Tomatoes won the People's Choice award by Taste, the Diner Choice award from Open Table, the Wine Specter award of excellence, and a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor for outstanding reviews. Needless to say, Fried Green Tomatoes is the place you should dine at while you're in town.

Customers rave about the restaurant's amazing service and friendly waiters. It's hard not to fall in love with the historic atmosphere, friendly service, and mouth-watering food. Reviews have referred to Fried Green Tomatoes as the hidden gem of Galena, mostly because of their extensive menu.

Order their famous cheesy fried green tomatoes as a starter for the namesake. Other popular dishes include their homemade crab cakes, giant steak martinis, sweet chili shrimp, mussels, bacon & blackberries on flatbread, pesto brochette, Caprese flatbread, beed carpaccio, and Caprese salad.

If you're not feeling a heavy dish, the crab cake salad with mango vinaigrette, shrimp salad with blueberries and pecans, and their romaine wedge salad might be for you.

Fried Green Tomatoes serves a unique comfort food specials menu that includes "the devil's shrimp", mile-high meatloaf, lobster ravioli, their famous lasagna, linguine, and meatballs. Their seafood menu is also worth checking out, serving bruschetta salmon, fresh sea scallops, seafood pasta, cedar-planked walleye, and Chilean see-bass. Vegan options are also available.

If you're seeking a cozy atmosphere, amazing service, and award-winning food, Fried Green Tomatoes is perfect for you!