Galena Bed and Breakfast Inn | Annie Wiggins Hotel Lodging Illinois
This 1846 mansion welcomes you to its whispers of the past.
A time when Miss Annie's silks rustled in the drawing room and the talk of war was overheard in the library.

Whispers from a time when Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant walked in the streets of Galena.
Annie Wiggins Guest House is well known for the scrumptious full breakfast served daily,
the never ending cookie jar, and ice box stocked with lemonade, ice tea and ice.
Miss Annie's love of history shows in every corner, from the beautiful antiques and full library to decor.  
Don't be surprised if you should see her in one of her period gowns.
Just ask her about Miss Annie's Academy of Victorian Arts!
The finest linens and antique china assure you of the comforts Miss Annie has always cherished.
Enjoy lemonade on the Veranda and experience a quiet gracious way of life.
The Finest Galena Illinois Bed and Breakfast Inn!
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Annie Wiggins Guest House
1004 Park Ave
Galena, Il 61036

(815) 777-0336
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Galena Romantic Getaway at
Annie Wiggins Bed and Breakfast
Living An Historic life
by Wendy

I choose to draw my inspirations from the past. A
time when things were made by loving hand. When life
was real, sometimes lovely, sometimes raw. I think about
the courage our ancestors must have had whether they
knew it or not, and the convictions that moved them
forward......I am awestruck. I want to be strong, I want to
know how to be resilient and self-reliant.

How do I express, share, LIVE this?

In small and silly ways I search. By baking bread,
and canning sauce. Serving my family pie with crust
made from scratch. I wear eyelet petticoats and dance a
waltz. I write with a nib using walnut ink from nuts

gathered in the timber. I visit a cemetery and know they
had to take comfort..... in veils made of black.

I want to share this with one and all... like a new
found religion. Please let me convert you... I whisper in
the wind.

The Galena Era

Black Gold! The discovery of lead brought an
opportunity of great wealth to those brave enough to enter
the wilderness. Galena, the Latin name for lead, was called
black gold. The early 1820’s saw the first settlers in to the
Galena region.

Prosperity and population exploded in the next 2
decades, making Galena known across the globe. A
population of almost 15,000 people made Galena the place
to be. Any one of importance walked the streets of Galena.
Prince Edward, Jenny Lind, Emerson, Tom Thumb,
Lincoln, Cady Stanton, Dorthia Dix as well as many

Galena and the Civil War

Settled in the early years by Upland Southerners
moving up the Mississippi River, Galena was sympathetic
to the slave owning states. Then came the Abolitionists, the
Copper Heads, the miners from Ireland who felt slavery

competed for work.

On the eve of the Civil War, Galena was a divided
community. Politics ran hot and Galena saw its share of
riots and demonstrations. Two attorneys were arrested for

When the Civil War did break out, Galena had a few
men join the Confederate Army. Others Joined the Union

Army. Galena was home to 9 Civil War Generals. General
Ulysses S. Grant, Augustus Chetlain, John Duer, Jasper
Maltby, Ely Parker, John Rawlins, William Rowley, John
Corson Smith, and John Eugene Smith. The Galena
JoDaviess Historical Society on Bench St. offers the
entire second floor to Galena’s roll in the Civil War.

Returning to Galena’s loveliness

Come stay in this historic Galena Bed and Breakfast,
and you too can experience a return to loveliness. and its
whispers of the past. A time of simple pleasures.
Lemonade on the porch and Miss Annie at her
needlework with stories to share.

The Parlor, furnished with mid 19th century
antiques and comfy overstuffed chairs is a wonderful
place to enjoy a glass of wine, and socialize. Peruse the
Civil War Library, or look at Stereo Views. A portrait Of
Jenny Lind graces the hand carved marble fireplace. Oil
lamps and a photo of a Civil War Hero. A piece of
antique china, a hand stitched quilt. All weaving a home
rich with the comforts and layers of times past. You will
never want to leave Galena, or this charming and cozy
Bed and Breakfast.

We invite you to join us and discover a relaxing
and meaningful Get-Away. Galena’s rich history and
glorious rolling hills are the perfect setting for renewing
your spirit, nurturing romance, and celebrating

friendships. An anniversary, a birthday, or engagement.

You will have many reasons to come back to the Annie
Wiggins Guest House.

The Breakfast part of Bed and Breakfast

Mmmmm.....the smell of morning coffee.....
Our breakfasts are prepared fresh every morning for
you. A balanced plate of the savory and the sweet, and
plenty of fresh fruit and Home baked breads. We use the
freshest and finest of ingredients, made from scratch.
The menu changes seasonally of course!

Spring brings a lightness and freshness. Lemon Zest,
Asparagus, Rhubarb, Farm Fresh Eggs.

Summer brings the glorious berries, and fresh basil
picked from the herb garden.

Fall is apple and pumpkin season. Pumpkin Bread
Pudding with Bourbon Sauce, a well loved and oft
requested dish.

Winter.....something to warm you from the inside and
ready you for a day of skiing.

With advance notice we are happy to provide
vegetarian and gluten free offerings. A food allergy? Not
a problem at the Annie Wiggins Guest House. Just let us know
when booking your room.

The Galena Adventure
Galena offers so much to do you will need to return
again and again. How to decide.....spend the afternoon on
the porch watching the birds and the deer, with a glass of
wine, or exploring the Galena River Trail that starts just
below the house. Or maybe a kayak float down the Galena
River to the Mississippi River. Fever River Outfitters

can help you with equipment. Maybe its a romantic
carriage ride from Galena Carriage Co followed by diner
at Fried Green Tomatoes.
Have you ever been up in a balloon, up in a balloon so
high....Oh I do think its the wonder-full-ist thing a person
could ever do........ Galena On The Fly gives balloon rides as
Galena and JoDaviess County is home to three wineries,
all offering tours and tastings. I love to sit on the deck
at Galena Cellars and take in the view, a favorite
Sunday thing. Oh but don’t forget the Blaum Bros
distillery! They provide a wonderful tour. I have been
up there helping to bottle. You may even be able to
purchase a bottle of gin with Miss Annie’s signature on

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Early Summer View of the Annie Wiggins Bed & Breakfast Entrance